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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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staying on top of breaking news tonight. storms moving outd. a train accident -- out, a train accident turning deadly. good evening. thanks for joining us. 540 just reopening within the past half hour. this was the scene a few hours ago. whereat least one person died from amy is near i-540 with the latest. >> reporter: as you said, 540 has just reopened. state highway patrol is heading up this investigation, and in just the last few minutes, we have learned that the driver who died was female and that another driver will face charges. it started just after 5:00 this evening with heavy rain and a fedex truck. our crew on scene capturing the
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a car. that caused a chain reaction -- ramming into the back of the car. that caused a chain reaction. first responders telling us that a tanker hit a car and went right through the guardrail. there was concern that tanker leaked and it quickly became a hazmat situation. as authorities worked to clear that s as a mini slowed and tried to move over it was struck by a red car. a third car hitting it from behind. the driver in that red car drooifd. another driver was rushed to the hospital. -- red car died. another driver was rushed to the hospital. their condition at that point, unknown. >> reporter: you can see the responders remaining on scene of
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the woman, the driver who died tonight. they still have to notify next of kin. as for that other driver who was taken to the hospital, highway telling us she is expected to make a full re. the rain creating lots of issues today. we did receive several storm reports. we checked them out and nothing was too serious. >> some showers. >> we had one severe thunderstorm warning for damaging wind earlier. and we had a flood warning for too much rain. tonight the storms aren't as strong but still some heavy downpours right along 64. and some of that rain moves into orange county, around chapel hill. that's really all the rain we have right now. aez we put it into motion, you
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these showers moving more to the north. during the day today we got close to 90, and boy was it steamy. that dew point temperature in the mid 70s. that's about as high as it gets all summer long here. that's where it's going to stay most of this week. so, we may not have a streak that has us in the 90s for 13 days, like we did last month, but we have a streak where it's going to be close to the 90s. it's going to be really humid and we a storms that continue to pop up. probably not for your morning commute. near 80 by 9:00 a.m. again, keep those umbrellas handy. you will need them in the next few days. we will tell you wha and dry wet
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plan. the raleigh homeowner charged with murdering a 20-year-old raleigh man over the weekend made his first court a teerns today. chad is being held without bond. essay cues d of shooting a 20-year-old early sunday morning. in 911 calls, he appears to tell dispatchers were a large -- there were a large group of people outside racing. got hit. we talked with thomas's family today. his mother tells us she spent time with him before he left for the party. >> he didn't like to take pictures. he said mommy, take a picture of me. . >> his next court appearance is august 29th. an update tonight to a story
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months. a district line battle that's likely to affect voters in wake county. >> voters told a judge what the options would be after they told they were unconstitutional. they are breaking down the options and what he is asking the board to consider. >> reporter: the election is three months away and it is not clear o who will be on the bat lot in louis and others in his party are unconstitutional. >> so the easiest and most practical thing that could happen would be to go forward with the districts as they were enact by the general assembly this time with instructions to re draw next time. >> reporter: the county's board of elections agreed with that in a court filing monday. a judge asked the agency to rank various options to how to go forward based on what's most feasible. the board of elections says, number one is to
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unconstitutional. second. use the old districts created in 2011. at the bottom state democrats and then rin state legislative leaders. >> by extension we can't use them. any of the other options are preferable to that. >> reporter: beverly clark was due to face off in district 3. she's one of the people who sued to get >> the simple most logical most feasible thing to do at this point in the time line is to go back to the 2011 maps. >> this whole thing is about getting the election administration ready for what will be one of the largest elections held in wake county. >> reporter: that was michael highland reporting. the big question tonight when will the judge make a decision. that's still unclear. in the meantime the board of
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to get absentee ballots ready. turning now to the race for the white house. donald trump will be back in north carolina tomorrow. he will campaign in wilmington before moving over to fayetteville. . his first visit since this video went viral. our political reporter will be there and michael be bringing reports from wilmington. he laid out his vision, a three tier tax plan. . hillary clinton spon d to that. >> reporter: donald trump read off the prompt and stayed on message as he promised to make america grow again.
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biggest tax reduction snoop he had income tax brackets of 12, 25 and 33 percent. >> no one will gain more from these proposals than low and middle income americans. >> reporter: his speech to the detroit economic club was punk atd 14 times by cuated14 . >> reporter: clinton toured a brur ee in florida monday. he called trump's economic plan a trickling down of economics. >> i intend to make the wealthy pay their fair share to build this economy. >> reporter: she also mock d trump's economic team.
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>> reporter: she will offer her thought for economy in a speech on thursday. >> you can track all the local news nationally on the website. another zika case confirmed and likely contracted in the united states tonight. this one in palm beach county florida. they are working to pinpoint the exact source. but the person to the miami area. officials still believe active transmissions from the mosquito bourne area are taking place in the same one mile rad yas of miami. cancellations were not immediately made online.
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they've known about it since early early this morning. there is no emails. no nothing. it was just a surprise when you came to the airport. >> if we had known ahead of time it would have been great. hour, it's not like i was the only one who didn't know. >> there were more th00 delayed sfliets. . tonight we are working to learn the condition of a person hurt on nca campus on mai campus drive. we're told the person was taken to the burn center the un c. a 25-year-old is facing charges after he set his mother's house on fire with gasoline. he set the fire late sunday night. a firefighter also was hurt and had to go to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. tonight we know a natural gas leak is to blame for this fire in fayetteville. police responded to the home in
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9:20 this morning. several people in the area reported hearing a loud boom moments before the blaze broke out. >> i was in my room on my xult errand all -- my computer and all i heard was a book, like an explosion. >> one person is in the burn unit listed in critical condition. several unsolved homicides and a push by state help fix it. . and a governor's push and where they say money is going.
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. tonight we're learning more about the water park accident that killed a ten-year-old on the world's largest water slide. >> this happened over the we caleb schwab died of a neck injury. he is the skon of kansas lel or scott schwab. two other women were in the boat and were treated with facial injuries. >> it's been devastating at every level. you go to church and go to a water park to be with family and then you hit tragedy. there is no way to prepare for this. >> the slide has been shut down
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54 uninches tour. it is unclear if caleb met the height requirement. city is looking how to spend $4,000 to prevent violence. the governor . -- the increased violence for this. there is a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest in five unsolved murders. they are offering de escalating to officers there. it will help the officers deal with high stress situations. >> we see it in the military and martial arts and other places.
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thing. also, it makes the officers -- it benefits them in their personal lives. >> the chief hopes to get the training started in the next six months. deb bra sanders white is taking a leave of absence as she battles her cancer. no word on how long she will be out. spring tony mk duffy is retiring at the end of the year. he said it's time for the next generation to leave. he is several of one of pound leaders named in an auditor's report claiming dozens of employees miss spent $5 million in five years. there is drinking water advice reese.
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water was okay to drink. but a tox icologist said under oath the water was not safe to drink. representative larry hall now wants the fbi to investigate the issue. >> mccrory can't sweep it under the rug. they need to know if they are drinking water safe and if they can rely onth be transparent. >> we didn't limit any information. we didn't hide any information. in fact, we did just the opposite. we provided as much information that we had. >> governor mk kror ease ooe's staff suggested that the toxicoligis t lied under oath. here we are in the second
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90 degrees. but starting this week, the average high is 89 and it's one degree, right, but it's one degree that's eventually going to go down to 88 and 87 as we head throughout this month. this is the month where we, on average start to cool out. now, i don't call these numbers this week, i don't call that cool, but the bigger picture, just remember that, where it's supposed to be starting to cool down. it will eventually dry out as well. we have a tonight. not severe. no thunder and lightning, but some wet weather moving through orange county, heading from south to north. . but the big picture, you can see we're dry here in central north carolina. interesting though, remember the last several days, last week or so, we've had rain coming from all different directions. these showers moving to the
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the east. that type of chaos is going to continue over the next couple of days. here is your tuesday forecast. we get out the door tomorrow morning around 73 degrees. so that warm weather not going to go anywhere. 79 by 9:00 a.m. 84 at noon. mostly cloudy later in the day. the morning will stay generally dry but the afternoon will start to pop up a few showers and thunderstorms with temperatures again in the upper 80s. as far as that humidity goes, today it range. that is not going to change at all through tuesday, wednesday, and probably through thursday and friday as well. the reason why the showers are going to come from different directions is because we have' got this stationary boundary that is going to lay draped across the carolinas the next couple of days. an area of low pressure i gulf of mexico is going to help spark them off along with some
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by tomorrow it might move to the north just a little bit, but we are still getting that moisture feed coming from the gulf of mexico. by wednesday, same thing, sure that boundary might dissipate but we still have that moisture feed bringing in humidity. yes, there is high pressure offshore but it is too far away to help really clear us out or cool us down or do anything significant like that. even as we get into thursday, temperatures will start to warm up into the low 90s from the upper 80s and we still have thunderstorm. so, tomorrow, one of the cooler days we have with temperatures expected in the upper 80s with that 30 percent of chance of showers under partly to mostly cloudy skies. remember don't look at that 30 and think that's a small number. if it does get on top of you those storms could be very paur fl. that's heavy rain and thunder and lightning.
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rain chances stay small. temperatures stay around 90 on friday. we get into the weekend with highs in the low 90s. 89 degrees as we get into next monday. those overnight lows they stay in the mid 70s which tells us there is still plenty of humidity to be had for the next week. did we have some storms over the weekend. look at these pictures from wake county. lightning making a five-foot hole in the this lightning, very dangerous could cause problem. the fire department had to come. that's what kind of lightning the energy has. the reason we have these pictures is because this was my house. we were home at the time, but luckily no one was hurt. a lot of lessons that i'm reminded of of this, again, severe storms, whether it's
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where your shut office are for yr gas and water. make sure you know your neighbors because they're there before the first responders and they're there after and the first responders were great, but you see your neighbors every day. make sure you know that they're around and when they're home and when this' not. >> they're there to help out for sure. >> my neighbors, each one of them lost a tv b electrical charge was so powerful. again, every one is okay and we lived every one to remind -- remind every one that weather can be tough sometimes. local music group delta ray is just one of the bands performing this year during the state fair. >> the group is part of the fair's home grown music fest. the line up announced includes
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admission. the fair starts october 13th, just 66 days away. tickets are now on sale. and with the fall comes football. >> that's right. and we have a new member on our team. jeff jones is here and talking duke football. >> high guys. coming up we'll let you know why the first day of football practice was bitter suite. but p decorated athletes was in town. we'll hear from mia, hamm.
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. before we talk sports, i have a question for you. think back about five hours ago when it was raining as hard as i've seen in a long time. my question is, where were you. hopefully you just said you were somewhere cool and dry. well, not the duke football team. they were on the practice field camp. my guess is they put all their attention towards erasing the up down and down season of years ago. the high point of the season came in their very last game. that's when they won their first bowl came in over 50 years. if you ask them, that one bowl victory, well, it ain't enough.
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berth. we won a ball game and that's amazing, but our goal is to get to the ac championship and that starts today. >> but the first game is september 3rdrd. that's when they take on north carolina central. nc state has been practicing for a full week now. the biggest story has been the battle between the quarter backs. while it seems like be a ton of pressure, head coach dave doran says this year's gb only has one job. >> don't screw it up. two years from now we'll have a two-year starter in that position. right now the focus will be the guys that can make the plays and the balls in their hands.
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maybe there is a little pressure involved. they will kick off their season on thursday, september 1st. from football to futbol. did you catch that one? i'm trying to say let's talk about soccer. one of the sport's gre icons was righhe town. what better place to connect with athletes than right here in raleigh. >> being able to give back to the community that invested so much in us during for all of us form i had bl years is fantastic. >> when we were growing up we
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athletes. . >> you heard her talking about the olympics, the women's soccer team hasn't had a chance to earn their medal in the olympics yet, and i say yet because i think they will. >> speaking about the teams, we are glad to have jeff here on ours. you actually played football in college. >> i did. i'm a texan, so i splad out there. my mom tells me i'm a defensive guy because when i was young i was too scared to get hit. >> we are so happy to have you.
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